Epoxy Flooring for Industrial Spaces
Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on September 29, 2018 in Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Flooring for Industrial Spaces

Epoxy floor coatings for industrial spaces usually come in two basic types; the epoxy and Elastomeric. These flooring coatings have been used in facilities such as in warehouses, facility maintenance plants, automotive showrooms, and airport terminals. The use of epoxy floor coatings prevents the appearance of scuffing or skidmarks on the floors in automotive showrooms or facilities.

A good epoxy floor coating gives your floor a high level of resistance to the harsh climatic and environmental wear and tear which is facilitated by the fleet of warehouse vehicles. It has been observed that a good epoxy floor can withstand the heaviest of vehicle usage like the forklifts and other heavy duty warehouse equipment. In addition, epoxy coating has a strong tendency to resist chemical attacks from acids and abrasives kept in your warehouse. The installation of an epoxy floor coating can be carried out easily with minimal down time, the product is quick and simple to apply, and will cure more quickly than elastomeric coatings.

Make sure that the epoxy should be properly mixed before curing. During curing, the induction time (time taken for epoxy coatings to be set aside between mixing and application) should be adequately monitored to minimize the floor vulnerability to attacks. An epoxy floor coating is easy to clean up thus giving you enough reasons not to worry about damage from spills or accidents.

The major setback to using an epoxy floor coating is rooted in the fact that it can develop a yellowish hue during the curing process and the fact that this very defect cannot be remedied is a serious challenge to people who use epoxy floor coatings. When this happens, the best solution will be to install a new coat over the failed one. To prevent the occurrence of this major setback it is hereby recommended that you allow your epoxy to cure properly. A properly cured epoxy coating provides your warehouse with a clean, smooth and shiny finish which conveys a message of cleanliness to your clients and workforce.

After a successful installation of the epoxy floor coating, you are guaranteed of a sturdy and appealing aesthetic appearance which is very attractive. It also provides you with a great shine and its enhanced durability is sure to give your warehouse environment a facelift. The luster produced by epoxy coatings depicts professionalism and cleanliness to the clients and employees. To effectively get the most out of your epoxy and elastomeric floor coatings, there is need to pay careful attention to the preparation and applications. Make sure you are well acquainted with how well to utilize your warehouse space and put into cognizance, the amount of traffic, cleaning and environmental conditions which the floor will be subjected to.

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