3G Concrete Solutions Epoxy Process
Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on September 29, 2018 in Epoxy Coating

The 3G Concrete Solutions Epoxy Coating Process

If you are interested in a durable floor that can make a good, long lasting first impression, then epoxy concrete floor coating is all you need. This type of floor coating features a multiple layer of epoxy which is applied to the floor to a depth of at least two millimeters. Epoxy coating is much more durable both in between cleans and long term due to its thickness. Epoxy coatings are 2mm thick at the minimum.

Epoxy is a combination of resins and hardeners. These react to form a rigid plastic material which is strong and very resistant to degradation and binds extremely well to its substrate. Since epoxy floors are relatively very strong, they have been utilized in the most demanding industrial environments as well as in the provision of a beautiful appearance to an everyday floor. The reaction between the resins and hardeners in epoxy allows for the creation of a high grade epoxy which is used to drastically strengthen surfaces, add colors for aesthetics, protect floors against any form of corrosion and also achieve a high level of tight effect.

To have a lasting epoxy floor coating, our team goes through a strict process to achieve a high grade of loadable and durable coating surfaces. The surface of the original floor must be prepared with a primer before being sealed. The coating thickness and the selection of coating system depend on the application surfaces. The ability to adjust the resins in the epoxy to meet a particular hardness and elasticity which is specially developed for the building industry makes epoxy coating a very reliable flooring system which meets today’s increasing floor demands.

Investing on a high quality floor coating can go a long way in terms of facility safety and aesthetics. These floors are highly important in the provision of sanitary and skid-proof surfaces when they are wet. The epoxy floor is dust free and resistant to acid and chemical drips and spills, thus making it the ideal choice for industrial use. It adheres to surfaces made from wood, tiles, metals, concrete and many more. It is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals such as alkalies, gasoline, greases, thawing salts, and solvents makes it a choice flooring material for all types of industries. Low maintenance epoxy coated floors mean that your floor will always be clean. Refer to our other article that talks about caring for your low-maintenance come in handy when you want to make a good first impression.

Epoxy floors are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and inexpensive for the value that they provide. Refer to our other article that talks about how long epoxy coatings last. They can support daily traffic with little or no need for repairs. The concrete hardeners create a denser surface that is scratch resistant. You can add colors to the concrete polish to create a beautiful show room or a floor which reflects your school colors.

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