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Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on January 17, 2019 in Weather Proofing

How to Weatherproof your Home for Winter?

Depending on the weather conditions and varying temperatures outside, you’ll need to ensure your home is well weatherproofed. From worked up AC to keep the interiors cool during summer to the damaged concrete flooring of your balconies, there’s a great deal of problems that you may face during the climate change and the consequences can be expensive too. Here are some tips to keep your home weatherproofed during winters.


Summer or Winter, whatever the climate maybe keeps your basement insulated. It will help bring down the heating and cooling costs down. Also, don’t forget to do a spot check to confirm that there is no air flow in and out. If you ask a weatherproofing expert, they’ll tell you that around half of the heat is usually lost through the walls and hence insulation becomes important during winters.

Let Technology Work for You

Make your home technologically advanced by installing a programmable thermostat that automates indoor temperature. This will also help bring down the cost. Get a job well done, and we recommend you get a pro to do the work for you to not compromise technology fixtures.

Seal Everything!

This will help your home stay away from several factors thriving in the crawl spaces like mould, fungus and bacteria. Helping your home become a healthier, cleaner and dryer space to live. Also, don’t forget to install weatherproofing strips and seal tight the drafts around the windows, if any. This will help your home insulation work better, especially during winters.

Get Weatherproofing Experts to Inspect the Decks and Roofs

Always get the weatherproofing experts to inspect your roof and deck situations before starting on the project based on your analysis. They’ll need to know the existing damage to know what needs to be fixed. Moisture might still be present under plywood or concrete flooring, this may later cause cracking and peeling even after applying the waterproof coating. An acrylic topcoat or acrylic water-base coat may sound like the best solution, but after the existing repairs are made.

Be Ready for the Snow

Avoid anything that could cause a collapse due to the heavy snow. Check for loose shingles and any weak spots that may cause the roof to come crashing down during a day of heavy snow. A spot checks every now and then really does help.

Monitor Concrete Deterioration

Watch out for cracked or deteriorated tiles that may trap water against the concrete surface. Rains during winters and fall season not only damages the flooring, but it will eventually lead to corroding the reinforcing of steel. Well, the weatherproofing experts would know it better and will suggest the best ways of maintaining your balconies.

Weather-proofing Balconies

Many tend to miss out on balconies, terraces and walkways to be weatherproofed like all the other parts of your house as they consist of concrete elements. If they are not weatherproofed, in case of rain or snow, water tends to penetrate through these concretes and may cause deterioration. Hence it is important to weatherproof the exteriors of your home as much as the interiors.

Always get a weatherproofing professional to guide you through the winters and invest in your home.

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