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Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on January 17, 2019 in Weather Proofing

Why is it Important to Weatherproof your Home?

Whether it’s the extreme heat during summers or the bitterly cold winters, it is important to have your home weatherproofed according to the seasonality. With winters just around the corner, it is important to have your home ready for winters. Weather damage of the house is always a nightmare for homeowners. It not only protects your home but also the health of the residents. Waterproofing is one of the essentials for your home and is a requisite for all home’s survival through the winters. During the summers UV radiation is one of the biggest factors for home protection and during winters it’s all about waterproofing. These are some of the reasons why you must consider weatherproofing your home.

Save Money by Weatherproofing

It helps you save time and money on insurance claims. Most homeowners claim their insurance based on foundation cracks, expenses related to flooding and damages to wooden materials as well as concretes. The right coating and the right set of products like using 100% acrylic water-based coating can keep your premises safe and secure from the weather damages.

During the summers, extreme heat can impact your home too. The cooling costs go higher, and the roof shingles to dry out and crack. Proper insulation is key to protect your home during both these extreme kinds of weather and to save on the excessive energy bills too. Have a spot check on your air-conditioning system every now and then to make sure everything is working in order and is ready for the respective weather.

The basement floors are usually constructed with thin layers of concrete and this may lead to causing it to crack and allowing water to seep in. Concrete and tile protection is almost inevitable if you are a homeowner.

Weatherproofing is Good for Your Health Too

While they are essential for your home, they are also important for the health of the people living in your premises. Did you know the untreated damp area in your home can grow harmful mould to grow and thrive through these cracks which can cause respiratory infections in the long run?

Get a weatherproofing professional near your home to estimate the savings and compare it with the costs. If nothing it will convince you as an investment on your home for the winters. We have seen most people hesitate to have their home weatherproofed and consider it as a fad until they are hit by a bigger loss during one of the severe weather conditions. Weatherproofing is essential to withstand the effects of all sort of climates without damaging your home. Consider it as an investment and you’ll reap the returns of it in the long run.

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