Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on February 25, 2019 in Weather Proofing

Choosing the right flooring for the balconies of your condos or patio decking for the backyard can be a stressful decision to make. When it comes to flooring there are many options available but choosing the best one for your outdoor balconies is a critical decision to make. The right flooring makes your balconies waterproof, durable and easy to clean. Balcony flooring should be able to withstand all weather conditions including rain, snow, hail, and UV rays. With 3G Concrete Solutions, they are experts in helping you make the right decision for your outdoor flooring and uses weatherproofing process using Westcoat. These are the top 5 highly recommended flooring options to have a waterproof balcony.

1. Porcelain and ceramic tile

Porcelain exterior tiles are a durable option if you are looking for patio tiles. It gives you outdoor flooring an elegant natural stone look and is easy to clean and maintain. If not porcelain flooring, deck tiles are a perfect alternative option. This is also a cost-effective solution which is easy to install and are extremely durable. The other major benefit about deck tiles is that deck tiles are weatherproof and is low on maintenance.

2. Concrete

Concrete balconies are one of the most common flooring options used for outdoor spaces. It is indeed one of the most durable options and gives you a unique and stylish design. This flooring option isn’t an expensive one and is an environment-friendly option too.

3. Brick Flooring

Brick has always been a classic option for outdoor spaces. When it comes to brick flooring you have the choice of colors and patterns to choose from. It is one of the most durable materials and is naturally slip-resistant. While the flooring is the best pick during hot weather, but it can retain water leading to mould issues in later future.

4. Heavy Duty Flexible Coating

If you already have an existing flooring for your condo balcony, then the best alternative option is to have the refinishing for the space done. Heavy Duty Flexible Coating gives your outdoor space a stylish revamped look and comes with plenty of color options to choose from. What makes this coating one of the best fit options for your balcony was that it is water resistant, resistant to acid, chemicals, UV exposure, and salt water.

5. Rubber Pavers

If you are looking for a cheaper option for outdoor flooring, then rubber pavers are a great option. But in terms of durability, they don’t last as long as the other above-mentioned flooring options.

From all of the above choices and with the number of years we have been in the industry specializing in flooring, our recommendation has been concrete flooring and enhancing the look of it with a durable coating for your balconies. The decision finally drills down to what fits perfectly with your needs, comfort and style.

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