Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on April 7, 2019 in Concrete Polishing

Is Polished Concrete Flooring the Best for Schools and Other Public Facilities?

Thinking of making a switch from traditional flooring to an elegant flooring option? We strongly recommend you consider the all new polished concrete flooring for schools and public buildings for a chic look. This concrete flooring option is treated with chemicals and is then modified with finer grinding tools.

One of the key factors for consideration while choosing flooring is always cost. Hence, the decision makers often opt for carpets and vinyl tiles as it may work out to be much cheaper. But have they considered the maintenance cost? That is because traditional flooring options like carpet tend to wear out faster.

But, we assure you by the end of this article, you may change your mind. We have listed down some of the key reasons why it’s time for a switch. Traditional flooring options are now outdated, and polished concrete flooring is on trend.


Factors to consider and the benefits

  1. If you are looking for an elegant appearance, consider polished concrete flooring. Polished flooring is easier to get scratched and may get difficult to maintain in the long run. And, it is true. An easy solution is to install floor glides under the school furniture. This will help reduce such scratch instances. Use quality guard products to refrain the floors from getting scratched and stained.
  2. While choosing the right flooring option, always consider the cost of maintenance. Another key factor to consider are the health benefits. Dirt and dust can accumulate on carpets if it isn’t steam cleaned regularly. With polished concrete flooring, mopping on a regular basis can avoid dirt on the floors.
  3. Concrete flooring option in public facilities and school premises can be noisier. It isn’t very different from vinyl composite tiles. It’s just a matter of perception.
  4. It is most definitely a long-lasting and sustainable flooring option. It can last up to 10 years with minimal maintenance.
  5. Did you know that most public facilities are switching to polished concrete flooring? One of the main reasons behind the switch is the attractive look. Also, because it is easier to maintain and highly durable.
  6. Cost and time are two key factors that refrain schools from adopting polished concrete flooring. An easier solution to this is to consider installation partially in the premises. Start with areas like the lobby and other high footfall areas.

It is also an eco-friendly option that doesn’t use dangerous chemicals for regular maintenance. Polished concrete flooring is now becoming increasingly popular for all its benefits. Polished concrete flooring is stain-resistant, with improved reflectivity and elegant look. It is also easier to maintain and hence is a cost-effective option.

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