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Problems in Colored Concrete Flooring and How to Solve Them

Colored concrete flooring options are attractive and give a chic look to the installed premises. This is often used by company buildings to reinforce their branding colors. So, what are the different yet most common scenarios that you run into while installing colored concrete flooring?

Scenario 1: After completing the porch successfully, you run out of color hardener midway through treating the walkway. How do you color-match both the porch and the walkway?

Color hardeners, the dry cement-based powder often finished off when you are coloring larger spaces and is one of the most common problems in coloring concrete flooring. The quickest solution is to use the same pigments in its release agents while treating both the slabs. Another alternate option is to coat the surface with cementitious paint, which can be an exact match to the hardener.

Another alternative solution is to color-wash the surface using the release agent prior to using the pigmented sealer. This will help get the specific color that you may be seeking.

Scenario 2: Due to different mix compositions, staining application often creates different colors. How can you color match in such instances?

Fixing uneven stains may seem like an impossible task as once the reacting is done there’s very little control we may have over it. Lightning one side of the concrete is a difficult task, instead, we recommend you stain the lighter side again. But again, overloading the lighter side again can be risky too. It may change the color completely.

Optical illusion using irregular lines and blending the shades together is an alternate option too. When you can, try and use similar cement in both pours to avoid mix composition differences. Contractors need to work closely with the suppliers in such instances.

Scenario 3: After pouring the driveway using integral color, you find out that the climate may not be in favor. With expected rains, how do you cover the driveway?

Well, the obvious answer is to not pour if you know there’s rain expected. If you actually end up doing it, then the objective is to protect the pour maintaining its color. Try protecting the area by sealing the cover using plastic (not the best solution).

It’s a mandate for the contractor to check the gutters and weather conditions prior to getting started with the concrete coloring. If there’s not gutter, consider erecting a plank system above the concrete to handle the force of falling water.

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