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5-Star Rated Epoxy Floor Coatings

Are you tired of looking at those worn out dated floors or have your floors possibly become an insurance liability? It only takes one major lawsuit to ruin most small businesses. Homeowners should also want to make sure their property not only looks good, but is safe for any guests you might have. The solution is 3G Concrete Solutions out of Orange, California. We have been known for years as the preeminent flooring contractor that handles both residential and commercial floors. Come visit us today at www.3gconcretesolutions.com and you will be happy that you did.

Now that you have taken the time to learn about our friends over at 3G Concrete Solutions out of Orange, California let’s find out more about epoxy floor coatings.

Professional VS DIY Epoxy Coating

A 2-pack epoxy works as it is not paint, it’s a plastic coating formed in place. Chemical-proof coatings must be tailored to certain chemicals that may be spilled our poured in bigger quantities. It is critical that your industrial floor coating is durable and made to last so you can continue to do successfully and efficiently. An excellent floor coating will give you years of use and satisfaction.

Historically, industrial coatings incorporated several varieties of Epoxy or Urethane coatings which were offered in a wide variety of colors and finishes. For the large part, industrial expert grade epoxy coatings aren’t marketed under any brand names as they’re mostly bought by professional coaters and tillers. It has become a generic term for different types of resin floor coatings. Epoxies and polyurethanes are the most frequently used polymers. If you’re going to use garage floor epoxy on a house garage which will be used for small storage and parking only, you may use a reduce price item. Epoxy coatings typically arrive in kits with all you need. The ideal garage floor epoxy coating on the opposite hand is a minimum of 10 mils because it is 100% solid.

If a product doesn’t have specification, it’s an inferior product and you ought to avoid it at all all cost. Because products have various attributes, it’s easy to guard against the several use and environmental circumstances that may be harmful for a floor. It’s possible to mix only part of the item, instead of mixing the entire kit. Leave a comment below in the event that you have discovered a concrete floor product or painting technique but if you’re prepared to dive in here are a few products to create your DIY job seem professional and tough enough to last for many years.

Overhauling your Floor

In case the floor was painted before, then you should scrape off any loose chips. Do It Yourself floors may also be attractive in the brief term because of their low upfront price tag, but they could cost you in the long run if you decide to not hire a professional. Before using any garage floor coating, it is critical that the floor be completely clean. Naturally, you don’t need to paint the full floor. Most resinous floors in the marketplace are extremely hard and brittle.

Why don’t you get started today and receive the floor you desire? As soon as you have prepped the floor for application, you should mix the solution working with a power mixer. As a result, you are going to have a durable floor for a long time to come. On the flip side, most concrete floors don’t create enough traction. That is another reason you should leave this type of work to the professionals.

Residential and Commercial Floors

Your epoxy flooring can be set up in your facility while your clients and staff are present. At 3G Concrete Solutions their industrial epoxy flooring is a great option for industrial spaces. In case the floor is in good shape, it might just need to get cleaned before the application of coatings. We make sure the industrial floors are applied with an excessive amount of aggregate and insufficient resin.

Other considerations are a material selection procedure. The main reason to experience a material selection procedure is to find the appropriate material for the application under consideration. There is a rather complete selection procedure to narrow the search for the most suitable goods and application for floor coatings. Various applications need various levels of slip-resistance. 3G Concrete Solutions can assist you with your selection process.

Garage floor epoxy paints clean easily and are available in a range of colors (should you look hard enough), so it’s possible to continue to keep your garage floor paints sparkling clean and attractive for several years. You really ought to get garage floor paint if you prefer a hassle-free application procedure, you don’t mind having to reapply the mixture in the close future, and you would like to conserve some money. Finding fantastic concrete paint colors isn’t always complicated, that is why you should work with a professional.

3G Concrete Solutions based out of Orange, California is here to assist you with all of your residential and flooring projects. Contact us today to request a quote. There’s a reason we have a 5-Star Yelp rating.