Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on January 6, 2020 in Concrete Sealing

Concrete Grind And Seal

If you have an older concrete surface, it can be tempting to replace it with a newer one. Cracks, chips and deteriorating concrete can be unsightly and make your space look dirty or old. However, the cost to replace a concrete slab can be prohibitive. A better alternative is to use a professional concrete grind and seal company to restore your concrete floor. Concrete grinding and seal can be used to level out uneven surfaces, remove existing coatings on your concrete and prepare the concrete surface for other applications. A concrete restoration will remove any water, oil or other stains and will extend the life of your concrete flooring.


The Concrete Grind and Seal Process

The first step is to remove any surface stains and debris with a pressure washer. This helps provide a clean surface before restoring the concrete. Next large cracks or damaged areas are patched to fix any issues and restore the integrity of the floor. The concrete is then grinded to provide a newly revived surface and finished with a protective sealant.

The concrete can keep the same natural look and feel or you can apply a color coating or sealer to match the décor in your space. In addition you can also choose to have a matte or high shine finish for your concrete flooring. The process takes about two to three days depending upon the square footage of your area and how many repairs need to be done before the process begins. The resulting concrete floor will provide superior impact resistance, protect against stains and moisture and will look like new!

While many of the concrete grinding has commercial applications for businesses, they can also be used for patios, garages and basements in residential homes. Concrete grind and seal will transform your concrete and bring new life to it.

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