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Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on January 15, 2019 in Epoxy Coating

Industries that Need Epoxy Floorings

Epoxy flooring is quite popular for both commercial and industrial flooring. The extreme durability, strength and resistance to abrasions are some of the major reasons why Epoxy flooring remains the top choice for industrial facilities. They are not only long-lasting and easy to clean but also cost-effective. These are some of the industries that should be using Epoxy flooring and we’ll tell you why.

  1. Food and beverage production: One of the prominent requirements of this industry is that the floors have to be easily cleaned of all chemicals and maintained well with no built up of dirt. Since this industry has to have some of the essential business and industrial certifications like ISO and IFS, it is essential that the concrete floors are maintained well with a protective coating. Food processing facility needs to take care of the walls and the corners of the floor too and hence this industry has started using Epoxy wall paint.
  2. High precision machinery: These types of machinery include lasers and cutting machines which needs to have high standards of cleanliness. The precision of these machines diminishes depending on how dust control is done at the premises.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical production companies must have stringent operations. High standards in this industry are mandatory. Epoxy flooring ensures some of the key features like slip-resistance, chemical-resistance and bacteria-resistance. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to protect the cleanliness and avoid the risk of contamination, Epoxy flooring provides a chemically resistant surface.
  4. Packaging industry: Epoxy flooring is considered to be the most ideal for warehouses and industrial applications, especially for the packaging industry. Epoxy coating makes your floor dust free which helps to reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs
  5. Printing facility: There’s constant movement at printing facility with massive load shifted around which causes huge stress for the floors. Which is why you would notice that most printing facility chooses to have concrete epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring Options:

  1. Self-leveling epoxy floors which is used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses etc.
  2. Epoxy mortar floors that are popularly used in mechanical rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants etc.
  3. Quartz-Filled epoxy floors that are used in schools, cafeterias, showrooms, hotel lobbies and so on.
  4. Quartz-Filled epoxy floors that are used at Healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and so on.
    Durable surface is a necessity for all industrial sectors and warehouses. Incredibly strong and damage resistant as well as protection from a wide variety of hazards are some of the key features of epoxy flooring. Epoxy floor solution with coatings will only benefit your industrial site.

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