Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on June 9, 2019 in Concrete Polishing

For Your Consideration: Stamped Overlays on Concrete Flooring

Stamped overlays on concrete flooring should definitely be a consideration for any homeowner or business. There are various sorts of overlays, varying in thickness from heavy-duty thick to feather thin, all which can be finished with a decorative application to boost the attractiveness of your residence or business. Thicker-build overlays can cover up minor dips in a ground and go until the bottom of baseboards if there’s a gap after removal of earlier floor coverings. The traditional overlay supplies a distinctive slip-resistant texture that could make your home safe for your family members, friends and guests. It’s these stamped overlays that achieve the appearance and feel of real stone solutions. They can be used indoors or outdoors, whatever your creative juices conjure up!

The overlay is used in a thin coat, allowed to set for a brief time period, then stamped to make a new surface. Since you may see, concrete overlays may be used for many types of projects. Moreover, stamped concrete overlays can be utilized in order to achieve patterns and lines on the face of the concrete.

Decorative and Functional Concrete Flooring

Concrete is not only for the outdoors anymore, as mentioned before. Decorative concrete is a huge alternate to carpeting for people experiencing respiratory ailments and allergies. Frequently, decorative concrete integrates multiple methods to genuinely customize a slab. Decorative concrete installed by a good concrete craftsman delivers an unlimited color palette. Why be like everyone else? Experience this truly breathtaking artistic expression in your home or business every single day.

Timeless Flooring Look for All Occasions

Concrete may be used for a contemporary appearance, an aged all-natural overall look or a one of a kind design you will never find in your neighbor’s house. Stamped concrete may also be used along with other decorative concrete elements, like exposed aggregate or acid staining. Stamped concrete refers to the procedure for decorating concrete once it’s been laid by means of an installer. It does offer some great benefits and it has very few problems. It comes with all the advantages of a paved patio with none of the common problems. It is a type of patterned concrete that’s often used for walkways and outdoor areas. Recently, it has become a popular choice for many homeowners because it offers a wide array of options when it comes to concrete pattern and concrete colors.

Restorative Concrete

Concrete can be used from scratch or within a restorative way on a number of surfaces. It is environmentally friendly in a variety of ways. Removing concrete is something you should hire a professional for, because it requires quite a bit of physical labor and it might require renting heavy equipment. Staining concrete is just one of the most economical options of refinishing your floors without having to spend an excessive amount of money!

In spite of popular belief, concrete no longer needs to be accepted as a surface material that doesn’t add to the looks of your residence or business. Whether it is a little floor concern or something that’s pressing, be sure to find a professional company to assist you with it. Remember, projects big or small, 3G Concrete Solutions is here to help you every step of the way.

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