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Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on January 17, 2019 in Weather Proofing

Difference Between Waterproofing and Weatherproofing

Weatherproof and waterproof premises aren’t vastly different. But, when it comes to choosing them for your premises, you’ll need to know what fits well with your list of requirements. If put simply, weatherproof means withstanding basic moisture and splashing at your premises and waterproofing is usually done for the flooring especially in the basements to prevent water from penetrating. These are some of the key factors that differentiate them:


Weatherproofing home or your commercial building is essential to withstand every dramatic weather condition including burning summers and chilling winters. Weatherproofing affects the heating and cooling system of the household bringing your utility bills on the rise. From installing storm windows to fixing the insulation at home, weatherproofing is usually a larger project undertaken by professionals and waterproofing is an element of the project as per the client’s requirement. Weatherproofing is a great choice for outdoor projects too unless of course, you think the place needs to withstand flooding and stop water damaging the floor.


Waterproofing homes are usually a part of the weatherproofing project. Always consult a weatherproofing expert to do these projects rather than having a freelancer walk in to suggest that they can fix the issue. High water-resistant products are required for households that are heavily affected by rains and storms in the natural weather conditions. Most waterproof materials used for your home comes with IP rating, unlike weatherproof products. Waterproofing is essential for the exterior walls that are exposed to rainwater and to the flooring in basements or attic. There are a series of waterproofing products that are available like concrete waterproof coating, silicate-based concrete sealer, waterproofing paint etc.

Waterproofing is often used for certain aspects of your home or commercial buildings, they are Wirings, flooring and exterior wall paint. It is a process that is undertaken during the building and renovation stage. Repairs often become costly when you have to get waterproofing done. Without waterproofing, your home or commercial space may be at the risk of electrical fires and health issues due to increasing dampness.

There are plenty of things one must do to keep the building structure safe and utility costs low. It is important to confirm if you are indeed looking for weatherproofing or waterproofing because this helps you pick the right products that facilitate each of these qualities. When dealing with experts in the industry you’ll often notice that they’ll listen to your requirements and prepare a recommendation of the products that will sail smoothly with your needs.

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