Written by 3G Concrete Solutions on February 25, 2019 in Weather Proofing

Turning your outdoor living space into a gorgeous area and upgrading your balcony is an imperative part of interior designing. Whether you enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy day on your balcony or relaxing with a good read in hand on your patio, outdoor living spaces have evolved. There are plenty of options to choose from while selecting the perfect flooring for your balcony. From concrete pavers to tiling to wooden decks, there are many flooring options you should look into along with their pros and cons. Let’s look into three of the popular choices that most people use for their balcony upgrades and what’s best for weatherproofing them.



Concrete flooring for your balconies might not sound as enticing as the fancy tiles you could choose from. Well then, we’d say you haven’t explored the option well enough. Concrete floors have been upgraded from the standard shades of grey to having colours and patterns. Durability is one of the key factors why concrete remains one of the top choices for most condo owners. They are tough, resilient and easy to maintain. While there are many advantages to concrete flooring for balconies, the disadvantages are penetration of moisture through the concretes if not sealed well, it can also get slippery and cold during winters. Waterproofing concrete balconies can be dealt with great care with the help of experts with the use of products like Westcoat’s SC-10 Acrylic Topcoat.



Ceramic or porcelain tiles are a great option for outdoor spaces too. They’ll give your balcony a stylish look with the wide variety of colors and styles you have to choose from. With the help of hard protective top layer on these tiles, they become water resistant and make them highly durable too. Tiling has many other advantages too. They are stain resistant and are easy to maintain. A waterproofing membrane can be installed to ensure weatherproofing is done well. When tiled balcony is not waterproofed it can lead to several problem too. From water damage to paint peeling off, the fixes will get expensive. Hence, it is important to have waterproofing done before the tiling is installed.


Interlocking Deck Tiles

They are easy to install and easy to replace too. There are a variety of options available for deck tiles as well as a choice of finishes for these tiles, including real wood fibers and man-made plastic material. However stylish they may look; deck tiles aren’t a permanent flooring solution as they aren’t directly attached to the surface below. Waterproofing deck tiles can be done by installing rubber, vinyl, and aluminum below the decking.

While choosing the flooring solutions, always keep safety your top priority followed by weatherproofing the flooring. Whiles tiles and concrete can prove to be the best solution, in the long run, interlocking deck tiles are an amazing choice for those who are looking at style as a key factor. From installing a waterproofing membrane around the perimeter of a tiled area to effectively provide a waterproof barrier to applying a penetrating sealer to block water penetration, there are several options to weatherproof and waterproof your balcony. No matter what option you decide to go ahead with, always consult a flooring expert near you to help you make the right decision.

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